Friday, 30 August 2013

Theia Mania (Fox's Kraflaesque remix)

KRAFLA was Simon Fox (grover / world of fox) + Steve Hough (einstellung / cable regime / godflesh / grover).
download Krafla's complete works for free:
"Lovely electronica." Huw Stephens, BBC Radio 1.
Extending the experimental tendencies of groverkrafla added layers of depth and instrumentation to fragile song structures and delicate melodies, mixing live instruments and electronica. A debut 7" single on Static Caravan Records was followed by an e.p. on Bearos Records and tracks on a number of compilations on different labels. 
This remix is by Simon Fox. Remixes and other projects are always considered.

Friday, 23 August 2013

Theia Mania (Fox acoustic remix)

Simon Fox is an acoustic meddler, with work ranging from traditional folk songs to more challenging sonic experiments. Since disbanding grover, Simon has quietened down, trading sweeping guitar theatrics for more intimate, acoustic-led songwriting. The songs, performed under various fox monikers, show a more personal, reflective side, with deceptively rich arrangements, a disarming wit and a flair for creating intimate moods. 
The debut fox release, the first rule of comedy by lonesome fox was released in december 2007 on bearos records. a host of fox singles and exclusive compilation tracks are available on where it's at is where you are records, and the debut solo album, everything is for the best by world of fox on commercially inviable records. In 2010, world of fox released one free cover of an '80s song each month as part of the respect project and the whole thing was released on where it's at is where you are records at midnight on new year's eve 2011. The latest album, borrowed times, will be released summer 2013 on commercially inviable records.

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oh, and you can get respect here too:

Friday, 16 August 2013

Theia Mania (Hardy Tree remix)

The Hardy Tree is the musical alter ego of illustrator Frances Castle who runs the Clay Pipe Music record label.Back in 2010 The Hardy Tree made an album of songs and wobbly instrumentals and  called ‘The Fields Lie Sleeping Underneath’ inspired by Frances’ London neighbourhood both past and present, the album was played by both Jarvis Cocker and Stuart Maconie and the two hand made editions sold out quickly. Since then The Hardy Tree has been on hiatus and Frances has concentrated on her label - putting other peoples records out, notably Darren Hayman’s ‘Lido’ and Jon Brook’s ‘Shapwick’. However over the last couple of months The Hardy Tree has started to grind into action again, and at some point there my be another record, but for now there is this remix. The Fields Lie Sleeping Underneath can be downloaded here: Pipe Music is here:

Tasty review

"Album highlights are found in ‘Festival’; a joyous dance-along track made for summer bonfires; ‘Desire’; a somewhat sultry and sorrowful tune on which Victoria delivers possibly her most beautiful vocal performance; and ‘Cry Baby’; a song full of synth hooks which get stuck in your head for pretty much the rest of the day. " - PERFECT!

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Neon Filler review

" One of the best debut albums of the year." - thank you Neon Filler!

Sounds XP review

"... Fleetwood Mac meets All Saints produced by Max Martin..." - yes! YES!!... thanks Ged!

Monday, 12 August 2013

Theia Mania (Silver Swans remix)

San Fancisco's most excellent Silver Swans are the latest band to remix Victoria and Jacob... the mix was previewed over on Prefix...

Thursday, 8 August 2013

have a listen to all the bands playing on Sunday

yep, as you remember it's the Victoria and Jacob album launch party this Sunday... have a listen to all the bands to prepare yourselves...

and you can get your tickets here

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Desire at Leefest

after our set at Leefest, we did a little "acoustic" session in the garden...

Monday, 5 August 2013


Friday, 2 August 2013

Theia Mania (The Leaf Library's Sing Around You remix)

The Leaf Library live in London and make occasional droney pop music in the vein of Yo La Tengo and Broadcast. (They all love other music too including Sonic Youth, Steely Dan The Misfits and keyboard era Miles Davis but that doesn't always make it in.) They have almost released music on a number of indie labels and their one and only album to date, 2011's 'Different Activities, Similar Diversions' was self-released (with a little help from the Proper Songs label). After a couple of brief appearances on stage and an appearance on the WIAIWYA Olympics compilation (with the track 'Badminton House', they took some time to do other things like working and making babies. The band's next release will be as part of the WIAIWYA singles club in 2014 and is likely to be called 'The Greater Good'. 
The Leaf Library live here: and their music can be found here: