Friday, 2 August 2013

Theia Mania (The Leaf Library's Sing Around You remix)

The Leaf Library live in London and make occasional droney pop music in the vein of Yo La Tengo and Broadcast. (They all love other music too including Sonic Youth, Steely Dan The Misfits and keyboard era Miles Davis but that doesn't always make it in.) They have almost released music on a number of indie labels and their one and only album to date, 2011's 'Different Activities, Similar Diversions' was self-released (with a little help from the Proper Songs label). After a couple of brief appearances on stage and an appearance on the WIAIWYA Olympics compilation (with the track 'Badminton House', they took some time to do other things like working and making babies. The band's next release will be as part of the WIAIWYA singles club in 2014 and is likely to be called 'The Greater Good'. 
The Leaf Library live here: and their music can be found here:

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